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N Page Newton to Hewett Deed 26 Newall & Uxr to [Morson?] & Lawson do 78 Newton vs Threlkeld 112 Newton Abram appd [appointed] Ovr [Overseer] Road 113 Newton vs Carter 119 Newton vs Threlkeld 170 Noahs Ordy [ordinary] License renewed 180 Nash allowed for service in army 181 Newton Benjamins will recorded 197 Nichole John tried 198 Nugent vs Striptell 202 Nugent vs Jett 224 Norman ads [illegible] 225 Normans will proved 253 -- Inventory retd [returned] 277 Nugent vs Jett 307 Nooe assee &c vs Hewett 315 Newalls will proved 339 Newton Ovr [Overseer] Road 354 Nooe vs Howe 361 Same vs same ib Nooe vs Hewett &c 373 Newton exempt from tax of a negro 402 Newtons adr qualified 425 -- Apprs appd ib Nelsons will proved 428 -- Appraiser appd [approved] ib -- Est [Estate] divided ib Newton constable 430 Newton ads Bell 468 Same [Talmo?] [illegible] ib