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James Urquhart aged about thirtie four or thereby deposeth and sheweth That upon the 29 of July he went aboard the Elizabeth and Ann att Liverpool and that befour the sailing of the ship there was carried out of the ship Donald Farquharson, Robert [Reed?], Robt Johnston, John Kes, John Rutherfoord, Geo: Rutherfoord, [Jho?] Hunter, Walter Tankart, Nicholas Montgomerie and James Ogston. And deposeth that he saw Mr Kelsall carrie out of the ship Donald Farquharson a show with him who never returned to ship and that before he went ashore he told me he was to pay to the [quarter?]hands fiftie pounds (or guineas) for his liberation About a day or two thereafter Mr Kelsall to my hearing called Robert [Rerd?] and told him he was to go ashore with him who accordingly was by Mr Kelsall carried ashore but never returned and as I was informed payed fourtie pounds for his liberty And furder depons that on the way to Cork in Ireland he treated with Mr Bomer to be sell ashore abt Cork together with William Crester and offered him a bill of the capts to me for fourteen guineas with a watch and a ring but Mr Bomers return was it was not bills but personal money he wanted After wee came to the cove of Cork I still with concurrance of Mr Crester confirmed in communing with Mr Bomer and agreed with him for five guineas or a watch and a stone ring accordingly upon and order given by me for five guineas a watch and a ring upon Mr Traffoord Mr Bomer [recovered?] the five guineas with the ring from the Capt but Mr Bomer having consented with Mr Setle the under mate he would have both the guineas and the ring for our liberation only he was to give us some litle money to help to defray our charges upon the road in our way home and deposed that after Mr Bomer had returned from Cork with the five guineas and ring which upon my order he had [recoated?] from the captain he caused Mr Setle call me out of my hammock where I was laying to sprawl with Mr Bomer who told me Mr Crester and I should have gone off that night but having irons upon me and att that time of the night it would allarum the ship to [strick?] of the irons but that the next night Mr Crester and I should be both certainly fell off [hourber?] that same night Charles Smith, Archbald McClachlan,