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Virginia By his majestie’s leuitenant governour and comm in chief of the dominion Whereas by commision under his Majestie's Royal sign [illegible] are constituted receiver generall of all his majestie’s revenues arising within this colony and whereas you have declared to me that you recieved no instructions for yor direction in the execution of this office: I have therefore thought fitt to communicate to you the 29th, 81st and 125th of his majisties instructions to the govenour for the time being relating to the sd revinues, and contained in the annexed copy; to the end you may be the better informed what it is his maty expects as to the receipts and payments of and the due accounting for the said revinues. And whereas by the 29th instruction you will percieve that his majesty requires on pain of his highest displeasure that your books of accompts be kept of all receipts and payments of his majties said revinues; and in regard you have in like manner declared to me that you receive no books or accompts of any branch of the sd revinue from William Byrd Esqr late receiver gave before your departure from England. You are therefore to demand of Nathaniel Harrison Esqr who acted as Deputy the sd William Byrd during his absence all books which he hath of the said revenues or any branch thereof and to take the same into yor custody for his matys service particularly. And to the end you may the better know what accompts of his majestie’s revenue ought to be kept in distant books you are to understand you are to demand the book or books wherein the accompts of his matys revenue of quit rents are kept, the book or books [illegible] contain the accompts of lands found to be escheat to his majesty and of the compositions paid for the same; the book or books containing the accompts of his maty revenue of [illegible] [phagetread?], and of the port dutys and head money; the book or books containing the accot of all fines and forfeitures accruing due to his majesty, and of the moneys received for the same and the book or books containing the accompts of all rights issued [for?] and money recd for [illegible] of his matys lands and the book or books which contain [illegible] accot of the receipts and paymts of [illegible] revenues and of all books you shall receive you are to deliver to me in council a true and perfect inventory under your hand; expressing the title of each book and