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Williamsburgh June the 10th 1717 Gentleman I received by the bearer hereof a petition signed by thirty three hands and am sorry to find thereby the apprehensions you are under frome the [Irequois?]. I have sometime since taken measures for preventing their coming on our frontier and securing you against their Alarms by sending a messenger to New York to demand of that Governor the keeping open to the observance of their Peace made with us in the Year 1686 and at the same time with home for his [Majesties?] Order to the Governor of that Province to Oblige those Indians to forbear coming any more on our frontiers and I doubt not in a short time to obtain what I have thus insisted on or about to know what it is we have to trust to that I may take further measure for the protection of his Majesties Subjects. In the meantime According to you, I desire [sent a?] commission to Mr John Hughes to Command such of you as shall be willing to range with him for your one Security. But its fitt[ing?] you should know that it is not in my power to establish constant Rangers nor to permit him or you any certain pay that being properly the business of a Generall Assemby to whom I can only recommend your services for a suitable reward and this you may be assured I shall not fail to do where an assembly meets.

Whereas at the Request of the frontier Inhabts between James River and Pamunkey. I have given you a commission to be Captain of such of this said Inhabts as shall voluntary undertake to Ranger for the Security of the Inhab between the 2 Rivers. You are for yor best guidance in the 2nd Service to Observe the following Instructions You are to understand that as the appointment of Standing Rangers and ascertaining their pay does properly belong to the General Assembly You are not to expect either for your staff or the men under yor command any other gratification for yor Service than such as the next General Assembly shall think best. And that I can only promise you my recommendations to the Representative of the People. As you are not by virtue of this Commission to afirme an authority over any person but such as that solemnly engage in this service so you are to see it and Regulate yor ranging shall not agreeable to the inclinations of those who thus voluntarily enter therein, And for this security of their and others the Plantations between the said two Rivers