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Upon yor meeting with any of the Sonequa or other foreign Indeans in Case they have offered no hostility to any of the Inhabts You are to use yor best Endeavours to perswade them or some of their number to come to Wmsburgh in order to satisfy me of the reasons why they thus alarm our ffrontiers Inhabts. And if they refuse to so to do, You are then to endeavour to take some of them prisoners and to bring them before me And in Case of their Resistance You are then to make use of force to subdue them But you are to be particularly carefull not use any Violence to any of the said Indians Unless upon their Committing murder or wounding of any of his Majties subjects [in?] which case only you are hereby empowered to kill and destroy them and not otherwise lest by to [rash?] an Actack upon some of that nation who may be peaceably inclined. You should endanger the safety of the people of this Countrey and by becoming the first breaker of the Peace involve this Country in a long and dangerous war

[middle of paper] Ordrs for Ranging on Jas River June 10th 1717 Alarms by the Seneca Indians

[Order for ranging between James and Pamunkey Rivers?]