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Most Hond Sr Nansemd May [] 15 1718 As to my duty those [cons?] to [argument?] yor. Honr. Of what our court has dun to the prisonor in our county comitod for murder I suppose yor. Honr. Has not forgot that you gave me a comission for to somn. and have a court of Oyer and Termener for the try all of him by the tenth day of this instant In obedience there unto I somd. all our court to meet on the 7th day of this instant and there mett but three members I again somd. all to meet on the 9th day and then there mett a [same?] number of them. After sending for two or three times that day and when they came Charles Drury by name bring sick and week [aposed?] to take the oath so that there was nothing dun then but a peace of paper writt that I have [heare?] inclosed sent yor. honr. and the time then being expired I could not somn. to any other day and if it had not and I had somd. then again it would bin the same thing we have shuch a small court and most of them ayling and the rest careless that it is a most impossible to git a court without we have more members or sum other corse taken it was the same thing for a court of clames they would not meet to the [great?] damage of severall in our county [futage?] of my selfe and a poor person in prisson mabe in no fault and his may for making a [grievous?] complaint of court making no reform but leaving all things as they found them I thought it my duty to give yor. honr. an auot. of itt and has seut the former comission and prays yor. honr. grant an other against the same persons or other [illegible] direct what is yor. pleasure to have dun by yor. [most?] [illegible] Tho Jordan Junr.