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Most Hond Sr Nansemd May ye 15 1718 After my duty these [Coms?] to acquaint yor Honr. of what our Court has dun wth the prisoner in our County Comited for murder: I Suppose yor Honr Has not for got that you gave me a Comission for to Somn & have a Court of Oyer & termener for ye tryall of him by the tenth day of this Instant: In obedience there unto: I Somd: all our Court to meet on ye 7th day of this Instant: & there mett but three members: I again Somd all to meet on the 9th day. & then there mett a bove [a bare?] number of them. After Sending for two or three times that day: and when they Came: Charles Drury by name: bring Sick and week Refused to take the oath: So that there was nothing dun then: but a peace of paper writt: that I have heare Inclosed Sent yor Honr: & ye time then being Expired I Could not Somn: to any other day: & if it had not: and I had Somd: them again: it would bin ye Same thing: we have Shuch a Small Court: and most of them ayling: & ye Rest Careless: that it is a most unpossible to git a Court: without we have more members or Sum other Corse taken: it was ye Same thing for a Court of Clames: they would not meet: to ye great Damage of Severall in our County: [Futage?] of my Selfe: and now a poor person in prisson: ma: be in no fault: & his Master: making a [grevos?] Complaint ye Court making no Return: but leaving all things as they found them: I thought it my duty to give yor Honr: an Accot: of itt: & has Sent the former Comission: & prays yor Honr: [to? paper damaged] grant another: against the Same person: or other [wise?, paper damaged] direct what is yor pleasure to Have dun by yor most [Humble Srvt.?] Tho Jordan Junr