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To the honble Alexr Spotswood his majties L. Governor and Comandour in cheife of the colony of Virginia The humble petitions of Robert Hubbard and also of Francis Moreland and in his wife daughter to the said Hubbard There [illegible] your Hone. That by inquisition taken the 12th of September 1717 in James Citty county and [illegible] petition [and?] Hubbard there was formed to escheat from one Edward Ridley fifty acres of land in the county for which land it is said Francis and Ann did petition yore hone. to beg [illegible] to the [illegible] Ann as concouring she had the most equitable right to the same if it need really [illegible] which by the said petition the said Francis and Ann did bring. And by another inquisition taken the same day there was formed to escheat from one Mihil Glen thirty or forty acres land in the same county for which the said Francis and Ann did petition yore Hone. as above said. And at the petition of the said Hubbard yor.hone did grant yoe warrt dated [illegible] day of August 1717 to inquire what lands and [illegible] Before late of Merchts hundred [illegible] [illegible] of to which lands also yoe petitioners Francis and Ann conceive the said Ann hath good right and had last mentioned [illegible] hath not been yet escheated. Yoe petitioners being all desirous to have an end of all differences between them who are