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For the court at St James The 8th of January 1719 Present The kings most secrett [illegible] Arch Bp of Canterbury Duke of Montrose Earl Covingesby Lord Chancellor Duke of Roxburghe Mr secry Craggs Lord President Mary of Aunandale Mr chancelr of [Lechey?] Lord [Perris?] Seale Earl of Lincoln Mr Chancelr of ye [Duter?] General Erle Lord Steward Earl of Sunderland Mr Hampden Duke of Bolson Earl of London General Wills [C?] Upon reading this day at the board a report from the right honoble the lords of the committee [illegible] hearings appeales from the plantations dated the 20th of October, last in the words following [illegible] their excellency’s the lords [Jushais?] having been pleased by order of councile of the 25th of [Jan?] last to referr unto this comittee a representa[?] from the lords comissrs of trade, relating to the removall of William Byrd Esqr from the councill of Virginia in regard to his [long?] absence without leave as the lientt governer there hath represented; and humbly recommending Peter Beverly Esqr as a fitt person to succeed him, in the said councill as also to referr unto this comittee a petition of the said Mr Byrd, setting forth his being many years a member of the councill in Virginia, and that about three years ago he obtained leave from the comissre of the treasury to come to England being [there?] receiver generall of his majts reverence in that colonly, which leave was seen and approved by the Lieutt Governor there,