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Septr 4th 1720 To Collo Bassett Sir [the first four lines appear to have been struck through with a slash and are not transcribed] By an Express this morning from Richmond County I have advise that a Party of Northern Indians have lately committed divers Robberys & hostilitys on the upper Inhabitants & being apprehended & brought before a Justice of the peace have since made their Escape and Partys of the Militia are now out in pursuit of them: and [seing?] it may be justly suspected that greater numbers of these Indians are hovering abt the frontiers For preventing the dangers wch may happen to the Inhabts I think it necessary that you give immediate Order to the Commanding Officers of the Militia in the Several Cantons of the Countys under yr command that they take care the men under their command do furnish themselves with arms & ammunicon according to law and hold themselves in as readiness to draw together when ever they receive further orders for that purpose, And that you give orders to the Frontier Canton (of each County) upon the first Alarms of any Indians appearing there to take to their Arms & observe their Motions that advice of such alarms with what intelligence can be attained of the motions & designs of the Indians be forthwith dispatched to me that I may give orders for a General Rendevoure of the rest of the Militia at which I design to be present if there be occasion. And if there be in yr County any Powder or ball belonging to his Maty you are to take measures for having it conveyed to some convenient place on the ffrontiers committing the same to ye Care of some proper officer there that it may be in a readiness for the use of the Militia if necessity require. [Memo?] write four of these viz for NKent and King Wm as above & the words (of each county) to be left out in ye orders to Stafford Essex King & King & Queen

[in pencil] 515 F30 1

[in ink, upside down at bottom of page] September 4th 1720 Them recd of Wm Roberts on thirty five shillings for bringing an Express from Richmond County to the Govr and staying one day & night [illegible] p [illegible] George Hinson