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Accot of the Ordinary Charges of the taking up & trying the 8 pirates brot in by Capt Luke Knott To Henry [Irvin?] his accot pd as follows To Job Newman an evidence for his attenda £4 "10" To Aaron Levi ye same 4"10" To Hannah Miller ye same 4"10" To the accommodation of the two portugueze & attend. [9"?] at Wm Craigs 2"3"9 To Do for Summening the Judges of the Court & other Charges 5"12"11 To the Marshal for the Court 5"_"_ To the Register 20"_"_ To Thos Wythe as an Evidence 1"15" To Jno Brush for Chains & Revitts 9"_"_ To the attenda. of Capt Knotts men Viz Wm Williams Chief Mate four days attenda. & travelling 40 miles} 1"16" To the Boatswain & three others at ye same rate 6"8"