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Janry 16th 1720 I understand my cousin delivered you my note about the land [page torn] for wth Major Bolling, and if ye Council has not met since [page torn] before you may make the amendmt following in their petition for ye [page torn] of council by me requested viz yt [that] Mr Bolling Would Survey in [page torn] tract two thousand three hundred acres beginning about two [page torn] [miles?] below the main fork of Knibs Creek and so upwards, and [page torn] thousand acres lying between the north Branch of ye sd main fork [page torn] ye beaver ponds of Flat Creek in Prince George County, and that [page torn] surveyor survey ym [them] in one tract, if they happen to [joyn?] upon one anoyr [another], that one saving may serve for all: I have some pursuers to Joyn with me else I had not ventured for so much yet, to tell ye truth, My circumstances are not so low but I could save all ye land my self, tho’ ye Council was so unkind to ye Country, as to leave that matter in a manner as difficult as before, notwithstanding ye burgesses were willing to make it more easy as was our good Govr: pray let no body prevent me in this business; and yor care herein will very much oblige Sr Yor affectionate Countryman and very humble srt Geo. Robertson When ye Council has met and ye order is granted I desire it may be sent by a very trusty friend