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[along left edge of page} Orders of Council grants of Land 1720 Proceedings of Council March 1st 1720 At a Council held at the Capitol ye 1 Day of March 1720 Present The Governor E. Jenings Jas. [Blair?] P Ludwell Wm. Byrd N. Harrison C. Diggs Esqr

The Minets of the Council ware read as Usal The Governor accquainted the Council that the greater part of the Justices of Northampton County being lately [dead?] to gether with the Sherif whereby it came necessary for the dispatch of Justice to Commissionate a new Sherif and likewise to appoint new Justices without waiting of the meeting of a Council he had upon applitacion from the Justices there Issued a new Comission of the Peace for that County and also appointed Mr Ralph Pigot to be sherif thereof and also acquainted the Council that Wm Warter [Waters?] who had been appointed naval officer of ye Easern Shoare had Desird to be Excusd from that Imployment because of his Intending this Summer for England and that there upon he had Given a Comishon to Mr James Force to be naval officer of that District to which Nomination the Council Declard they had no Objection

Peter Beaverley Esqr present This Board haveing under Consideration the accot. Exhibited by Capt John Martin of the Extraodinary Charges of fitting the Sloop Ranger and of the provisions Expended and lost in his Voyage to St Augustine