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The minds of the Council ware read as [Usal?] The governor acquainted the council that the greater part of the Justices of Northampton County of being lately [illegible] together with the sherif whereby it came necessary for the dispatch of justice to commpensate a new [illegible] and likewise to appoint a new justice without waiting of the meeting of a council he had upon application from the Justices here found a new comission of the Peace for that county and also appointed Ralph Pigot to be the if thereof and also acquainted the council thatWm Warter who had been appointed naval officer of the eastern Shore had defered to be excused from that employment because of his Intending this summer for England and that there upon he had given a comission to Mr James Force to be naval officer of that district to which nomination the council declared they had no objection Peter Beaverley Esq present This board having under consideration the acct exhibited by Capt John Martin of the extraordinary charges of the fitting the sloop ranger and of the provision expended and Cost in his Voyage to St Augustine