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Proceeded to the Examination of the Several Articals thereof and thereupon it is Ordered that the said Acco't as it is no regullate be farely transcribed and that upon his Making Oath to the truth thereof he be paid out of his Majesties Revenue of two shillings {illegible} Ord'd that there be paid to Mr Henry Jovrin £35..2. for Sundry stores of over furnished by himself for the sloop last Augt making Oath to be truth of his {illegible} On the recommendation of the Surveyor Gen'l the following persons were approved of as Surveyors of the said County for wch they are comd. [illegible] Get Lyme James Taylor Aug'n Smith Charles Bashor Ward & Durry Suth Gent On appreciation for an addition of Justices {illegible} of the peace for P Geo family a new ? for that County ord'd for tohe County Ord'd that