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To Drury Bolling- three thousand acres in Prince George County to begin against Hoods Land on the Spring branch, and so on both sides of ye Cellar ffork of Deep Creek, to include the sd Quantity To John Bolling- fifteen hundred acres on the back Lines of a Tract of 800 acres belonging to the petr [petitioner] and Jacob Micheaux’s Lines. And two thousd five hundred acres more on the back Lines of the petrs Tract on Treasurer’s Run and Joseph Bradly’s Lines. To Robert Bolling John Hamelin & John Fitzgerald- Eight thousand acres Lying on both sides Namuzeen Creek in Prince George County beginning at the first great branch on the south side of the sd Creek about a mile & an half above Tally’s horsepen, thence up the Creek to include the aforesd Quantity. To Robert Bolling- Three thousand acres in Prince George county, on the Northside of the middle or main fork of Deep Creek, beginning near the Lowermost main Riverpond so up the sd fork to include the aforesd quantity. To Robert Bolling- five thousand two hundred fifty seven acres, four thousand acres part thereof being formerly granted the petr on Namuzeen Creek in Prince George county, and the remainder being Surplus Land found upon a survey to be contained in the first mentioned Entry To Henry Harrison, John Mason, Wm Cocke, and Thos [Hollinghurst?] Five thousand acres Begining upon the West side of the third great Creek above Christanna Fort where an Indian path crosses the sd Creek so running along the sd path to Beaver pond Creek, to contain all the Land between the sd two Creeks, the River, and the aforesd Indian path. 2 To George Robertson Clerk- three thousand three hundred acres in Prince George County, Begining about two miles below the main fork of Knibs Creek & so upwards And also between the North branch of the sd Main fork & the Beaver ponds of Flatt Creek [in pencil bottom left corner] 3