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63 W Page

Welford pay several for atten as wit [witness] 343 Waller vs Kitchen 344 Williams vs Bowen 345 Welford vs Pollard ib Same vs Chambers ib Wigginton vs Norman ib Williams Exrs vs Hord ib Washington returns list taxable pro [property] 350 Withers James appd Inspector [illegible] Fal 353 Same qual'd Insptr. tobo [tobacco] Falmo ib Wallace appd inspector 354 West vs Taylor 363 Welford vs Peyton adx 364 Woodrow adr vs Lewis's adx 365 Washington vs Robinson ib Williams Exors vs Hord 366 Wallaces Exors vs Scotts Exrs 367 Waughs Exrs vs Several 369 Woodrows adr vs Hords Exr ib West vs Benson 370 Welford vs Hansbrough 373 Watson assee [assignee] &c vs Bradly 374 Waller Mary summ'd [summoned] 378 Weights Acquia Warehouse adjusted 380 Walters sum'd 388 Waugh vs Garrard ib Wallers to Peyton Deed 391 Waugh chooses Guardn 400

W Page

Waugh vs Garrard 401 Waller to Peyton Deed ib Wallaces adr. vs Scotts Exor ib Woodrow vs Brent 405 Woodrows adr vs Lewis adr 410 Washington vs Robinson ib Welford vs Pollard 411 Withers vs Hord 412 Weeks vs Weeks ib Walters ads Davis 413 Waughs Exors vs Ratcliff ib Same vs Edwards ib Woodrows Exors vs Hords Exors [no page] Watson assee [assignee] vs Bradly 414 Waugh vs Garrard 416 Welford pay several att [attendance] wit [witness] ib Wert charged tax for mulattoes 426 Walters qual'd Lieut. ib [Waiton?] sumd [summoned] 429 West appd Ensign ib West Ovr [Overseer] Road 430 Williams Lieut. ib Waughs Exor vs McFarlane [431?] Same vs Same 432 Washington vs Robinson 433 Welford vs Pollard 435 Waughs Exor vs Edwards ib Woodrow's adr vs Woodrow ib Turn over