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64 W Page

Wood & Uxr. to Benson 441 West vs Ballard 445 Withers Overchd [overcharged] tax ib Warehouses repaired 448 Watson vs Browns admor 449 Walker entitled to her husband [illegible] as ]Sol?] 452 Weights warehouse adjuster 454 Waller Mary sum'd [summoned] ib Waller vs Threlkeld 458 Waller sum'd 461 Webb set Levy free 462 Winlock vs Peyton 464 Wallace et al vs Weeks 466 Washington vs Robinson ib Wellford v Pollard ib Woodrows Exec vs Hords Exec ib Wallace app'd Inspector 478 West exempt from tax of negroe 479 Washington Do 480 West Ov'r [Overseer] Road ib Waller expt [exempt] from tax negroe 481 Wright Do 482 Waters vs Carter 486 Walker vs Fitzhugh 488 Wellford v Pollard 491 Same pay Holloway 493 Waughs Exor vs Edwards ib

W Page

Waugh's Exors vs Several 494 Walker vs Goldsmith 495 Wilson Sum'd ib Woods to Olliver Deed 500 same to Ambler ib Waughs Exrs vs Edwards Exr. 504 Williams apd Lieut ib Williams ensign 505 Wallace vs Edwards 511 Woodrow s Hord 513 Watson vs Bradly 514 Waughs Exr vs Garrards Exor 519 Wallace Ovr Road 525 Wine tried for Manslaughter 527 West constable 528 Waughs Exors vs Edwards Exors ib Withers vs Hunters Exors 531 Withers pay Hay at [attendance] as wit [witness] 532 West et Uxr. to Richards D. 533 Waller sumd 537 Wallace et Uxr. to Fant Deed 543 Woodrows vs Hords Exors 540 Watson vs Bradly 547 Same pay Wilkinson ib Welford pay Pates ib Wyatt vs Cooke [illegible] 551 Willott expt [exempt] tax negro 569

[Court clerk's note] Vide [See] W 19th page from this say [sic] page 83