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60 B Page

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Brents Character recorded 317 Berry vs Cox 318 Brents Guardn acct settled 319 Browns acct sales retd 322 Bayne appd Ovr Road 323 Bredwell & Uxr to Carr Deed ib Bells accts of Sales retd 325 Burnham bound out 327 Botts vs Ralls ib Bayne vs Cox ib Baillee vs Pritchard 327 Bolling pay several attend [attendance] wit [witness] 328 Battooe set Levy free 330 Blackburn adr &c vs Wallaces Exr 332 Botts vs Ralls ib Bell vs Swetnam [Swetman] 333 Bryant vs Doniphan 347 Brent to Stuart Deed 337 Buchanan Joseph set Levy free ib Balls will proved 338 ____ apprs [appraisers] appod ib Brissy Wm bound out ib Brent Wms Invy [Inventory] & apprst [appraisement] retd 339 Buchanans Do ib Brookes vs Rankins 341 Brown & Cooke vs Hewitt ib Brooke vs OW [Overwharton] Vestry ib Same vs Same 342

B Page

Brown vs Brents adx 342 Brooke vs OW [Overwharton] Vestry 343 Byram vs Lithgow 347 Bruce vs Peyton ib Brent vs Markham ib Bullett vs Carter & James 344 Bowers vs Waller 345 Battleys Exrs vs Foushee ib Same vs Same 346 Brents Exrs vs Wroe ib Brookes vs Seddon 347 Baille vs Pritchard 348 Balls Invy [Inventory] and apprst [appraisement] ret'd 350 Buchanan Invy &c ret'd ib Bredwell et Uxr. to Carr Deed ib Bredwell to same ib Bredwell to same ib Bridge built ib Brent E dower given her 351 Brents Estate divided ib Ballard S B &c vs Loves adr 352 Brown vs Hewitt ib Bayles vs Goughs Exrs ib Bayles vs Tooles Exrs ib Bredwell et Uxr. to Carr Deed 354 Bredwell & Uxr. to same Deed ib Buchanan Ovr.[Overseer] Road 356 Brent qual'd vs Atto. 360