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B Brought from - 9 Page Brents Character recorded 317 Berry vs Cox 318 Brents Guardn acct settled 319 Browns acct sales retd 322 Bay[ue?] apt [ovr?] Road 323 Bredwell & [illegible] to Carr Deed ib Bells accts of Sales recd 325 Burnham bound out 327 Botts vs Ralls ib Bayne vs Cox ib Baillee vs Pritchard 327 Bolling pay several attend [illegible] 328 Battooe set Levy free 330 Blackburn adr &c vs Willard Exr 332 Botts vs Ralls ib Bell vs Swetnam 333 Bryant vs [Donephan? Douplan?] [347?] Brent to Stuart Deed 337 Buchanan Joseph set Levy free ib Balls will proved 338 [illegible] appvd ib Brissy [illegible] bound out ib Brent [illegible] & apprst [reld?] 339 Buchanans Do ib Brookes vs Rankins 341 Brown & Cooke vs Hewitt ib Brooke vs OW Nestry ib Same vs Same 342 65 B Page Brown vs Brents adx 342 Brooke w OW Nestry 343 Byram vs Lithgow 347 Bruce vs Peyton ib Brent vs Markham ib Bullett vs Carter & James 344 Bowers vs Waller 345 Battleys Exrs vs Toushee ib Same vs Same 346 Brents [illegible] vs Wroe ib Brookes vs Seddou 347 Baille vs [Pritchard?] 348 Balls [illegible] and apprs.t ret'd 350 Bredwell [illegible] to Carr deed ib Bredwell to same ib Bredwell to same ib Bridge [illegible] ib Brent dower given her 351 Brents Estate divided ib Ballard [S B?] &c vs Loves adr 352 Brown vs Hewitt ib Bayles vs Goughes Exrs ib Bayles vs Tooles Exr ib Bredwell et [illegible] to Carr deed 354 Bredwell & [illegible] to same Deed ib Buchanan [ovr?] Road 356 Brentguald vs [illegible] 360