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B Page Bell vs Swetham 430 Bowen expt [exempt] from tax of a negro ib Berry vs Young 432 Blackwell vs Beyton ib Bullitt vs Carter 434 Buchanaus [admor?] vs Lewis 435 Brown pay [Wms?] att as witness 437 Billingsly SB for Barnwell 438 Banks will proved 441 appr. appd ib Brent to Kendall lease 442 Ball qual'd [qualified] Lieut [Lieutenant] 443 Bruce quald [qualified] ensign 444 Benson overchd [overcharged] for tax ib Beagle to attend the general [illegible] 447 Bowers [ovr?] Road 449 Bollings [ads?] Brown's admor ib Same [ads?] Same 450 Brookes will proved 452 [Brifsey?] bound ib Ball sumd [summoned] 454 Barby ald his sons bounty as [illegible] 455 Brown to Daniel [Indre?] 457 Branson to {Painter? Painler?] Mortgage 458 Bell SB for Ross 459 Brown ad acct [account] settled 46167 B Page Brown vs several 463 Brown adr vs [illegible] ib Same vs Several 464 Briggs vs McKittrick 467 Butler [ovr?] Road 473 Berry vs [Fletcher?] 475 Banks's will proved ib Brookes's ad qulafd [qualified] 482 Bredwell overchd [overcharged] for tax ib Bells ordy Licence rend 485 Banks [illegible] [ret'[d?] 486 Byrds orphans bound ib Bronaugh to [Threlkeld?] Deed 487 Brown vs Slaven ib Branham vs [Ellestons?] adm 488 Berry vs Douphan ib Benear Levy free ib Bell v Howe 489 Bronaugh to [illegible] ib Bell vs [Suchman?] 496 Bell SB for Lowry 492 Blackburn vs Hedgman ib Brent qual [qualified] magistrate 493 Brents [illegible] exchange land 498 Brent magistrate 500 Buchanan SB for [illegible] 501