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B Page Bell vs Swetham 430 Bowen expt [exempt] from tax of a negro ib Berry vs Young 432 Blackwell vs Beyton il Bullitt vs Carter 434 Buchanns admor vs Lewis 435 Brown pay Wms att as witness 437 Billingsly SB for Barnwell 438 Banks will proved 441 appr. appd ib Brent to Kendall lease 442 Ball qual'd [qualified] Lieut [Lieutenant] 443 Bruce quald [qualified] ensign 444 Benson overchd [overcharged] for tax il Beagle to attend the general Ct. 447 Bowers Ovr. Road 449 Bollings ads Brown's admor il Same ads Same 450 Brookes will proved 452 Brissey bound il Ball sumd [summoned] 454 Barby ald his sons bounty as Setr 455 Brown to Daniel Indre 457 Branson to Painter Mortgage 458 Bell SB for Ross 459 Brown ad acct [account] settled 46167 B Page Brown vs several 463 Brown adr vs Chandler et al il Same vs Several 464 Briggs vs McKittrick 467 Butler Ovr. Road 473 Berry vs Fletcher 475 Banks's will proved ib Brookes's ad qualf'd482 Bredwell overchd [overcharged] for tax ib Bells ordy Licence rend 485 Banks Invy ret'd 486 Byrds orphans bound il Bronaugh to Threlkeld Deed 487 Brown vs Slaven il Branham vs Ellistons adr 488 Berry vs Douphan il Benear Levy free il Bell v Howe 489 Bronaugh to Threlkeld il Bell vs Swetnam 496 Bell SB for Lowry 492 Blackburn vs Hedgman ib Brent qual [qualified] magistrate 493 Brents [illegible] exchange land 498 Brent magistrate 500 Buchanan SB for [illegible] 501