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Sept [September] 1st 1859

Jackson [Amados?] Co. [Company] of California

Dr [Dear] Sir.

Permit me to drop you a line in regard to the Steele Estate, of which you are the trustee and I am through my wife formally Miss Annot I. Steele one of the heirs of said estate. Being so far away from the place of sale to [too], I have never yet learned the amount coming to my wife, Though I was informed through Mr David Steele there was about five hundred and twenty five dollars due last April, will you be kind enough to inform me how much in all will be coming to us and when it will all be due.

This is the time when we will go to conference and as it is not certain where we will be next year, you may address me at Sacramento Cala [California] in care of My Brother Rev [Reverend] A Bland, as that is his post office and as soon as my whereabouts is known for next year I will give you farther [further] directions, I had asked Mr David Steele to act as my agent but the time for a reply to me is past [passed] and I cannot tell what he is doing.

We are purchasing land but cannot close the contract untill [until] we get the...