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68 B Page

Bussle Ovr. Road 501 Birds bound 504 Brown vs Brent 506 Berry vs Doniphan ib Brundige vs Several ib Blackburn adr &c vs Wallace's 508 Bredwell pay Franklin 510 Bell ads Nichols 511 Bowers assee [assignee] &c vs Musselman 512 Browns adr qual'd vs Bell ib Bruce et al vs Pilcher 513 Briggs vs McKettrick 514 Brown vs Roach 516 Bell vs Swetnam [sic] ib Brents adr qual'd 519 Browns adr quald 520 Bowers Constable 526 Bredwell & Uxr. to Jordan ib Bruce vs Garrard 528 Bredwell to Sims Deed ib Berry vs Doniphan 531 Brundige vs Carter ib Berry vs Doniphan 533 Brent chooses guardn. 534 Banks do ib Banks Exors acct settled 538 Brown Ovr [Overseer] Road ib Banks Exors vs Richard 543


Brundige vs Peyton 544 Brown vs Pusey 545 Bell vs Sharpe ib Bolling vs Eaton ib Brents admintr. acct settled 546 Burroughs vs Dent 548 Banks Estate divided 553 _____rept of ye Division retd ib Brents admx's accts settled 554 Briggs to McKettrick Dd [Deed] ib Bredwell secuy [security] for Bredwell ib Bredwell vs Sims 555 Brown vs Pusey 556 Brundige vs Smith ib Brent to Young Mortgage 559 Ball nom'd Capt. 561 Bredwell vs Sims 562 Banks Exors vs Jett ib Buchanan CWlths [Commonwealth's] Atto 564 Banks sum'd [summoned] 565 Brooke vs Jett 567 Banks Exors acct settled 568 Brundige vs Smith 569 Ballard vs Logan &c 572 Bells adr vs Swetnam [sic] ib Bryant pay Bruce 574 Bruce &c vs Peyton ib See B after [T?] 12th page from this say [sic] page 81