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68 B Page Bussle Ovr. Road 501 Birds bound 504 Brown vs Brent 506 Berry vs Douphan ib Brundige vs Several ib Blcakburn ad &c vs Wallace's 508 Bredwell pay Franklin 510 Bell ads Nichols 511 Bowers [assee?] &c vs [Musselman?] 512 Browns adr qual'd [qualified] vs Bell ib Bruce et al vs Pilcher 513 Briggs vs McKettrick 514 Brown vs Roach 516 Bell vs S[illegible[ ib Brents adr quald [qualified] 519 Browns adr quald [qualified] 520 Bowers Constable 526 Bredwell [illegible] to [Jordau? Jordan?] ib Bruce vs Garrard 528 Bredwell to [Sims?] Deed ib Berry vs Douphan 531 [Brundige?] vs Carter ib Berry vs Douphan 533 Brent chooses guardn [guardian] 534 Banks do ib Banks Exors [Executors] acct [account] settled 438 Brown Ovr Road ib Banks Exors [Executors] vs Richard 543 B Brunsige vs Peyton 544 Brown vs Pusey 545 Bell vs Sharpe ib Bolling vs Eaton ib Brents admin acc' settled 546 Burroughs vs [Dent?] 548 Banks Estate divided 553 rept of [illegible] [illegible] [retd?] ib Brents admx's accts [accounts] settled 554 Briggs to McKettrick [Dd? Dc?] ib Bredwell secuy for Bredwell ib Bredwell vs Same 555 Brown vs Pusey 556 Brundige vs Smith ib Brent to Young Mortgage 559 Ball nom'd [nominated] Capt [Captain] 561 Bredwell vs Sims 562 Banks Exors vs [Jett] ib Buchanan CW [illegible] 564 Banks sum'd [summoned] 565 Brooke vs Jett 567 Banks Exors acct settled 568 Brundige vs Smith 569 Ballard vs Logan &c 572 Bells adr vs [Swetnam?] ib Bryant pay Bruce 574 Bruce &c vs Peyton ib See B after [illegible] 12th page [illegible] this [illegible] page }81