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H Brought from 39 Page Hite vs Newton 372 Howe vs Foushee 374 Hewitts Exr vs Strothers adr 375 Hunter & Co vs Revely il Hunter vs Hord il Hewitts Exr vs Adee il Hill pay several for attee as witnss's 377 Hedgeman vs Knox 380 Hooes Invy &c ret'd 381 Hughes to Kendall deed 382 Hopewood & Uxr to Dowdall deed 387 Hansbrough to Carr Deed 388 Hudson vs Bridges il Hooe appo'd Lieut. 389 Hopewood to Dowdall deed 391 Hansbrough vs Garrard 405 Harris vs Frensly 406 Same vs Same il Harrisons Exr vs For 409 Hites adr vs Lewis's adr 412 Hewett vs Cooke il Hewitt pay Hoar atten'ce as witnss il Hewitt pay Williams att as witness il Same pay Tebbs il Hord vs Banks il Hite vs Hewton 414 Hewitt qual'd Capt 415 Hunter & Uxr. vs Revely 416 Hunter vs Hord il

Hewitts Exors vs Adie 416 Hansbrough vs Waughs Exors 417 Hord exp't tax negroe 418 Holliday et Uxr. to Norman Deed 418 Hooe bound out 425 Holloway overcha'd for tax 427 Hedgman exp't tax 2 Negroes il Hoar nom'd capt 429 Hudson vs Hedgman 432 Hansbrough vs Latham il Harrisons Exors vs Ford 433 Hord vs Banks 434 Hewitt SB for Doniphan il Hewitt vs Cooke et al 435 Same vs Same 436 Same pay Hoar att as wits 437 Hickinson to Wood Decd 441 Hyden to attend Genl Court 447 Hewitt al'd for an addition to Ct house 452 Hollands accots sales ret'd 455 - adr accts settled il Harrard with a notch in her ear 462 Harrisons Exrs vs Ford 466 Hunter v Revely 467 Hewitts Exrs v Adie il Hords will proved 469 Harrards admor qual'd 473 Hord to Hord agreemt 475 Hansbrough's Guard'n app 478