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70 H Page Hansbroughs Est acc't settled 479 Holloways will proved ib Holloway to [Palmer?] Deed ib Hord exp.t from tax of negro ib Homes vs [Toushee?] 481 Hunter v Cowls 485 Hudson v Maeze 486 Hay entitled to Hays [sandas?] [Sol?] ib [Hawoods?] [illegible] ib. [Hawhus?] v Peylou 487 Hunter Exor vs Richards 490 Hoar vs Beasley 492 Same pay Mulberry ib Hopkins vs McFarlane 495 Hedgeman to Brown Deed 499 Hopkins admor acct sett [illegible] 503 Hollands bound 504 Hardy [SB?] for Routt ib Hoar named Capt ib Hunter vs Green &c 511 Hedgmans trustee vs Duncan ib [Hords?] [illegible] 512 Herbert et al vs Doyle 513 Hewell vs [Adie? Adee?] 514 Hunters Exor vs Richard Exor 516 Hopkins vs McFarlane ib Harrison [illegible] 519 H Page Holloways [illegible] 529 Hord vs West 531 Humphries pay Hopwood 541 Hordz to Barker Deed 543 Hunterz Exor to [illegible] Deed ib [illegible] accts settled 546 Hooe's Petn for mill 552 Hansford qual.d atto 566 Hord Magistrate ib Hunters Exor vs Richards 572 Hunterz Exors vs Richards 572 Hunter vs Green 573 Henderson vs [Hendwall?] 574 Hoar vs ROgers 576 Hord vs West 578 Hard[y?] Exor accts settled 579 Hord [illegible] to [crop?] deed 580 Hewett recommd as shff [sheriff] 587 Holloway vs Taylor 589 Hose to England Deed 594 Holloway [over?] Road 595 Harding D Shff 596 [Hooe? Hose?] &c v [Hooe?] & c ib