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THE BELMONT [Letterhead- Reversed] Office of Stated Clerk of LEXINGTON PRESBYTERY Rev. Wm. C. White, WARM SPRINGS, VA. BATH CO. [Stamp]

April 16 '04

Prof. Dunsmour Staunton Va.

Dear Sir:

Feeling so sure that you will [illegible] [space?] in the minutes if set the [illegible] and send this today. the minutes are set up in type ready to go w [press?]. If you wish space please write at once send "ad" to messrs Whitlet, Shepherson printers 11 N 8th St., Richmond Va. Say for Rev. Wm. C White

They will open and [insect?] the ad. I say this as they will go to print [wrd?] on Thursday.---Hastily yours,

Wm C. White F.C.

Hope you will send it