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72 C Page Brought from 14 Chandler overch'd for tax 420 Collins SB &c vs Haugh's Exors 432 Carr vs Cater 433 Box vs Butler 434 Carter vs Mullin 435 Chandler bs Barnwell il Conway to Conway Deed 436 Chambers vs McFarlane 438 Carr vs Knight 439 Chambers vs McFarlane il Charles negro tried for horse theft 440 Casson vs Hunter 442 Same vs Same il Carter et Uxr to Lawson et al Deed 444 Carter et Uxr to Carter Deed 448 Collins to Collins [illegible] atto. 451 Carter et Uxr. to Smith Deed il Carter to Cooper Deed 452 County Levy Laid 456 Chadwell vs Garrards Exor 457 Cassons Admor qualf'd 458 Appr's app'd il COWETH vs Watters 458 Caton assee &c vs Several il Same vs Cooper 461

Carr vs Carter 462 Covington vs Newton 463 Carter to Cooper Deed 464 Caton assee vs several 465 Chapman vs Armstrong 466 Chandler vs Barnwell il Caton vs Bustle il Cochran vs De Baptist 467 Cassons Invy ret'd 469 Cassons dower given her il Coty Levy laid 470 Churchill bs Sibley 474 Caton vs Inniss 475 Carters adr. qualf'd il Commissioners app'd for valuation property taken by Exor 470 Crap bs Humphrees il Coty Stafford divided il Clarks will proved 479 Cooke Ovr. Road 481 Caton vs Rogers 487 Same vs Allison il Same vs Several 488