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74 F Page

Brought from 21

Fristoe vs Carter 488 Same vs Bridges 490 Fitzbrugh sum'd 491 Fristoe vs Peyton 493 Do vs Do 494 Fristoe vs Spiller ib [ibid] Fines several remitted 503 Do 505 Fristoe vs Smith ib Fisher vs Belton ib Fristoe vs Smith 506 Fitzhugh adr. vs Graves 508 Fewall vs Chapman 511 Fichlen Ovr. [Overseer] Road 518 Fitzhugh vs Several 519 Fants Ordy [Ordinary] Licence ren'd [renewed] 528 Fitzhugh vs Graves 531 Fisher vs Maeze ib Fugate vs Green ib Follass vs Newall ib Fant appd. Constable 533 Fitzhugh vs Doniphan 538 Fletchers Est divided 544 Fugate vs Green 545 Follass vs Newell ib Fanning SB for Goldsmith 557 Fristoes 3ds. given her 565 Fitzhugh vs Garrison 567


Fewell vs Chapman 573 Fitzhugh vs James 574 Foushee Overcha'd [Overcharged] tax 582 Fristoes Est. rept. of retd 583 Fugate Levy free 585 Fowke to Mountjoy Deed 587 Same to Jones 588