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C Brot from 72 Page Caton v Tyler 491 Crap pay [Jones?] 492 Clarks Invy ret'd 497 Commissioners tax ret their property il Curtiss bound 498 Cox bound by recognizance 499 Carter expt [exempt] from tax negro 499 Court to set in the new Ct House [Courthouse] 503 Caton assee vs Allison 505 Same vs Brown 506 Caton vs Porters Extx 511 Same vs Knight 512 Cash vs Williams il Crevy vs Willson il Chapman vs Ballard 373 Chapman vs Armstrong il Chandler vs Barnwell il Cochran vs De baptist 514 Same vs Same 515 Cochran payt. Tant 516 Same pay [Hanes?] il Charles negro tried for felony 521 Caton vs Garrard 529 Same vs Burroughs 530 Same vs Sichlen il Collins vs West 531 Caton vs Tugate il 75 C Page Cox's Estate acct settled 537 Chadwell expt from tax negro 543 Courthouse received ib Carr vs Carter ib Caton vs Tugate 544 Cannon vs King 545 Chapman vs Armstrong 546 Cochran vs De Baptist 548 Same pay several ib County Levy Said 549 Clarke pay Peyton 551 Clerk chosen ib Carter vs Norman De 552 Cannady bound ib Carter ads Carr 556 Crap to Dowdall Deed 559 Carr to Dilly lease ib Carters adr qual'd 562 Same to Peytons adms 563 Cooper vs Horton ib Carter ads Carr 565 Carters admer qua'ld 568 Caton assn vs Harding 571 Campbell vs Clewe ib Carter vs Robinson ib Cash vs William 573 Crevy vs Wilson ib