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J. Mann Esq: Sir - I am sorry you were unappointed in suing after making two efforts for that purpose I was absent on a trip to Charlottesville from which i’ve Not return till yesterday I understand from John [M?] Baldwin Esqr that the exec of gent marshall had employed him to bring a suit to wind up the [loos?] ends in relation to the purchase of [Mr?] Washington Loisa that he within end or would bring it in a short time- he would not therefor be proper to touch the fund set apart for that purpose at this time There is another matter that I was desirous of suing adjusted before a distribution of Gene. Black farm estate - I mean the [mangler?] such for return representations I am [illegible] George Matthews and [Jack?] Matthews was in Va this summer and qualified as [illegible] to my father [ify?] and father’s estate. There has been in proposition submitted by the [endtons?] for a compromise- I have not yet heard whether such proposition will be accepted by the representations ofCharles L. Mathews [oferd?]. I hope to hear by the 1st. of Nov. next- It seems to me that the representations of Gene.Blackburn would feel better satisfied if there