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[Phamali] June 2nd 1857 My Dear Sir [Your] favor by my waggons were received, & please accept my thanks for having my waggon tire mended, & paying for I have requested Mr [Hennblefore] to refund you the money, out of some he has of mine in his hands. As regards the large horse you speak of in Backbridge, that is likely to make me a suitable riding horse, I have to say that, I entered to the Commissioner of the revenue for this County 102 horses, besides a lot of of colts has since come - so you will see that as a horse for ordinary purposes would be useless property(indeed worse than useless) to me, I am a heavy man & have much active moving about, so do consequently if I could get a horse of good [erection?] - & power fully sufficient to carry me with ease to me, & himself, I would buy willingly even at a good price - But for anything not fully up to the mark I have not the least use. My Old Source ( now 78 years Old) is as vigorous yet as a colt & carries me to Loving