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Staunton July 24th 1862 I’m Thomas: I prinnted this petition to those thisn jury this way- [Shiffry?] not having sum fifty. Mr [jhose?] makes this indorsment which I think will justify you in [invending?] to sell “July 24th 1862- I have no hour to make [illegible] [jesazze?] for by the within petition in vacation. If it was this time I would do so without hesitation. I would advise all [unajourned?] to do by counnt, by on this term, what would dinit to be sum if the court was in session “ signed Lucas P Thompson He then said to me, it might be well enough to get Lillys coment- but whether he gave it or not, the sale had better be made- Very Respectfully, Thos J Michie