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Alma P O Page Co [va?] 2nd Feb 1856 Newton Sir I received your letter on the subject of the [Tescan?] bond, in which you say that Pilson offers fifty dollars for our interest I think that am I too small, tho I know but little about that kind of funds. I wrote to sheffry for information concerning them not long since but he did not answer me- You May however offer Mr Pillson fifty dollars more than he offered you- that is one hundred and fifty dollars for the Finley interest if you think it advisable to do so, and that would, too, meet Mr Pilson’s desires, in affording an opportunity to make a final settlement. I would like very much to get some information about these bonds as I have some friends in Washington who would cheerfully investige the matter for me. But I do not even know how to designate them or what to call them- nor do I know in whose hands they have been placed for collection. I have also recently written to Henderson as politely as I know how, urging him to state the account of Finley’s estate so that a settlement could be made, but I have not yet heard from him Please present our respects to your family Respectfully yours &e JMohler