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77 G Page Brot from 71

Graham vs Peyton 515 Same pay Scott ib Glasscock vs Palmer ib Goal [Gaol] objected to 517 [Gollohouses?] adr. quald 518 Godly et Uxr to Carr Deed ib Grand Jury sworn 528 Gallagher vs Starke 531 Garrard to Hansbreugh Deed 533 Griers will proved 537 [Grant?] overchd [overcharged] tax 543 Gibsen &c vs Edwards 546 Givans admor quald 557 [Givans].apprs [appraisers] appd ib [Givans] Invy [Invntory] retd 561 Grand Jury sumd [summoned] 587 Gough vs Satham 568 Graham vs Peyten adx 574 Same pay Scott ib Same vs Mountjoy 583 Goal [Gaol] protested against 592