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78 M Brought from 36 Page Mason to Murray Deed 497 McFarlane gives bond as minister 498 McKenzy pay Jett atta. as wit 499 Mason Lieut. 500 Mountjoys tax list retd. 501` McKenzy pay Latham il McKettrick vs Courts 510 Murray vs Bent 511 McKettrick vs Kettrick say Hedgman il Masons Exrs vs Lunsford il Muskett vs Tayloe 513 Mountjoy fined 515 McKettrick vs Briggs il Same pay Collins 510 Mocson to Mocson Deed 523 Mitchell bound 524 Mountjoy returns recpt. taxes il Mocson Ovr. Road 528 Mocson vs Daffan 529 Mallery vs Kendall 530 Mountjoy & Uxr vs Edwards Exr. 541 Mocson qual'd Justice il Mountjoy expt tax negro 542 Morton SB for Anderson 545 Middleton vs Agan 546 Musket bs Taylor 547 Morton commission il Markham vs Maddox il Musselman to England Deed 551 Mountjoy & Uxr vs Edwards 553 Mulberry vs Jackson 558 Mason Lieut. 560 Mountjoy ret's [illegible] acct. il makes oath to list propy 562 Magistrates Oath 564 Morton S Shff 566 Mountjoy SB for James 567 Massey pay Payne 569 Mulberry vs Jacksen 570 Middleten vs Bruce 571 McKettrick vs Bell 573 Mullin vs Sterne 575 Massey vs Jett il Morson and sen vs Garrard 576 Morton vs Kendall 578 Mullin bs Sterne il Same pay Mullin il Mercer qual'd Atto il Mauzy Ovr. Road 582 Morton to Morton Deed 592 Middleton vs Bruce 593 Mountjoy [illegible] vs him suspend'd 595