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Brought from 48 R 79 Richarards et al to Seddon Deed 524 Richards et al asam'd I Robinson heir at Law 525 Rall's est accts ret'd 526 Revely's adms qualf'd 529 Revely's appraiser app'd I Rule days appointed 530 Ryley counl I Ralls vs Gray 531 Revely's adm's accots settled 533 Road repaired I Road Overseers of app cc 534 Revely's Jury ret'd 537 Ross SBY vs Lakaenan 543 Ralls to Sharpe lease 553 Rule days appointed 556 Ralls to Ralls Deed 559 Road hand of regulated 560 Road from "[illegible]"viewed 561 Road viewed 564 Ralls Exr accts settled 566 Roach SB for Reach I Robinson vs Byram 570 Ralls vs Reed 575 Ralls pay Ralls 576 Same pay several I Reed pay several I Richards pay Banks 580 Read ovr appr d 581 & 2 Do opened 582 Road hands regulated 585 Road viewed 589 Do I Rule days app'd 590 Ralls vs Jett 593 Ricutts ads Stuart 595 Richards expt from "[illegible]" I Roiad to Capon opened I