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Sir I desire you would survey the order of council I entered wth. you for sixteen thousand acres of land beginning at the upper end of my fathers patent on Pamonkey river and running up the river for length and a mile and a half back for breadth. I desire you would divide it into thousand acres and return the [plans?] in the following names. The Lowest thousand for myself the next for my sister 2 Mary Beverley. The next 3 Margaret Beverley. The next 4 Johoana Beverley. The next 5 Catherine Beverley. 6. Judith Beverley. 7 Agatha Beverley. 8. Willm. Stanard. 9. Elizabeth Stanard 10. Beverley Stanard. 11. Sarah Stanard. 12. Ann Stanard. 13. Willm. Wily. 14. John Wily. 15. Harry Gains. 16. Bartholomew Yates