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Sir I desire you would survey the order of council I entered wth. you for sixteen thousand acres of land beginning at the upper end of my fathers patent on Pamonkey river and running up the river for length and a mile and a half back for breadth. I desire you would divide it into thousand acres and return the plats in the following names. The Lowest thousand for myself the next for my sister 2 Mary Beverley. Ye next 3 Margaret Beverley. The next 4 Susanna Beverley. The next 5 Catherine Beverley. 6. Judith Beverley. 7 Agatha Beverley. 8. Willm. Stanard. 9. Elizabeth Stanard 10. Beverley Stanard. 11. Sarah Stanard. 12. Ann Stanard. 13. Willm. Wily. 14. John Wily. 15. Harry Gains. 16. Bartholomew Yates Junr. If you can by surveying the whole and afterwards platt it of in thousand acres it will save a great deal of charge and I shall take it as a very great favour. I desire you would make this survey as soon as you can. I will be pay master for the whole. I am yr. very humble servt. Robt. Beverley May the 20th 1724