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walking wounded; a fourth room for the out-going walking wounded. Another room for the seriously wounded and grave cases. In the rear the kitchen was set up and quarters for the kitchen force taken. In the front of the building was a room for the officers' mess. On the extreme right a dental chair was set up to take care of injuries to the jaw and in the rear of this was sleeping quarters for the officers. Upstairs the two large rooms were taken over for the sleeping quarters of the men in the company. Later when the wounded filled all the rooms we had to mark off a section of the barn in the rear as a temporary receiving ward and after the hospital was in full swing another section of the barn was taken over by the Medical Supply. Two ward tents were erected in the field at the side to take care of the stretcher cases when all the spaces marked off had been used. On the ground was placed a large tarpaulin marked off with a black cross to indicate to German aeroplanes that here was located a field hospital. This tarpaulin was laid flat on the ground and staked fast in this position. It was about twenty feet square. In front of the inn the court yard was marked off the direct the income and departing ambulances. This work kept the company busy for the first three or four days after arriving at Fromerville. We did not realize at this time, although we were warned of the fact, how near the enemy was, but I was reminded on Sunday, two days after arrival of their proximity. I was awakened about six o'clock in the morning by whistling shells passing over-head. They did not fall near us, but as I found out later, were falling in a forest in the rear, where the American field artillery was hidden. I was informed that the artillery had received orders to stay concealed under the trees and had escaped observation -50