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wound was a serious one. Harry Stack and Jablanowski were working here assisting Lieutenant Pyle. Another case I remember was an infantry soldier badly shell shocked. He was a very heavy man and when he first came in on the stretcher he appeared to me to be suffering from a chill and was trembling, but he informed us that his condition came from the explosion of a shell close by. He could talk in even tones just like any of us, but his whole body was trembling violently. Another case I remember was placed in the hands of Lieutenant Murray. He was an American soldier of Italian descent and in addition to a shattered right shoulder and shattered right upper arm and left forearm, had received a charge of shot from a shot gun, in the back at close quarters. These shot guns were carried I believe, one to every nineteen rifles in a platoon of infantry. The shot fun was used when a machine gun nest was encountered. One of these was much more effective against a hidden enemy who could not be seen, than many rifles. In some way this wounded Italian had received a charge of shot in the back. I counted eighteen or nineteen places where the shot had entered. He had, from all these wounds, lost a great deal of blood and was very pale and appeared to be dying. This was what was called by us a grave case and we had received instructions from the officers that when they ordered a man sent to the shock room he was sent there to receive expert attention. We carried the man in there and found Pierson on duty. About six other wounded soldiers, all grave cases, were in there when we carried in the wounded Italian. All were men who had lost much blood and needed careful attention. Another case I remember was a young soldier probably eighteen years old, who had been strapped to the stretcher by the slings. This -57-