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bread is Baxter's bunk. A lighted candle throws its faint beams in a dark corner of the room. Burgess is writing a letter. Jones is sitting on his bunk with his undershirt off, picking off cooties. He has already gathered one hundred and fifty cooties and has only gone over a small section of the shirt. He was the first man in the company to discover these companions. Pat Day is stretched at full length on a bunk near the head of the stairs. Pat is dreaming of what a fine place this would be if he had a little cognac. Roger Taylor is censoring mail. Robinson is selling souvenirs. Hallgren is looking over some photographs of stage beauties. Ten or twelves others lie on the bunks asleep. One or two days after we arrived here Major Nelson, Major Wheelock, Captain Wiley, and one of two other officers, all mounted, rode up toward the German lines. They had not gone far when they were sighted by the enemy and fired on. They were forced to take shelter in a ravine. Being mounted, they were very conspicuous and of course attracted the attention of the German artillery observers. On the same day Custer and Davidson were fired on while they were watching the enemy lines. They dropped down into a shallow trench until the firing was over. Shortly after we arrived here we received an addition to the commissioned personnel in the shape of several majors and one or two captains. One of the captains was an officer who was assigned to the shell shock cases to determine whether they were bona fide or only counterfeit. I might say right here that all the shell shock cases which I saw were genuine. One night shortly after the big drive started we had a visit from a German bombing plane. The kitchen force had an outside fire -63-