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in the rear of the building. Whether this was a target for the German plane or not I don't know, but about midnight one bomb was dropped just at the rear of our hospital, and a few minutes later a dozen more bombs were dropped in the vicinity. The whole company was asleep at the time the first bomb fell but awakened in time to hear the second salvo. I had noticed ever since the morning of September 26 when the first Meuse-Argonne opened, that an American long range gun was firing over us with the shell falling probably ten miles behind the German lines. The projectile was probably twelve or fifteen inch and made a tremendous noise as it passed over our heads. This long range American gun which was located some miles in the rear of us, sent its messenger over into the German lines about every ten minutes and kept it up all day long. Whether the enemy had located this long range gun as somewhere in the line of our hospital and had sent this bombing plane to silence it I don't know, but evidently the German aviator had enough bombs to accomplish this purpose if he was so sent. As near as I could judge the American long range gun was located five miles or more in our rear. It may have been that the German aviator seeing our kitchen fire at midnight, though that he had reached his destination. About four o'clock one afternoon a band came along and stopped across the road and gave us some music. It was the first band I had seen since we arrived in the battle area and the entertainment was very welcome. They had with them an American flag, one of the very few flags I had seen since leaving the base ports. Of course, all colors were strictly forbidden at the Front and the bright colors of the flag would be very conspicuous. The appearance of the emblem as it floated in the breeze brought back memories of home and country. -64-