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entered the ambulances which were waiting there and after a ride of an hour came to the town of Futeau where we were to remain two days. The night was cold and as no kitchen had been set up we had to look about for something in the line of supper ourselves. Most of the boys were too tired to go out in the drizzling rain to find anything, but once under their pup tents resigned themselves for the night. Custer and I had made a double pup tent with Hoover and Belles. Belles went out to the French grocery store and bought some cheese but I was not satisfied with two thin slices of cheese for my supper. Supper is one of the main events of my day. I went outside and once in the road discovered an aroma of fried salmon coming from somebody's kitchen further back in the field. I followed the aroma to its source and discovered it to be a kitchen of some Q.M. outfit and they were dispensing various viands. I soon had some of the viands in my mess kit for I don't at all object to a supper of fried salmon, corned beef has, hot coffee with bread and syrup for dessert. I brought the steaming mess kit with its precious contents over underneath the tent but the other three boys did not have enough ambition to get dressed again and go out. I had brought with me a loaf of bread from a ration dump across the road and managed to survive the night. On the following day the certificates to be sent home for the Christmas boxes were given out. In the afternoon I passed one of the other companies and noticed some trading going on in delicacies. I watched and saw an ordinary can of pears which sell in the States for about thirty cents, change owners at a price of two dollars and fifty cents, and an ordinary can of peaches selling at thirty cents back home changed ownership at the price of three dollars. Late in the afternoon a fine drizzling rain began to fall and on -68-