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the following morning with shelter halves wet and raw hide thongs frozen, we rolled packs and started on the march at eight o'clock. On October 16th, after a march of ten miles, we reached the town of Waly where we were to stay for a week. The company was divided into sections according to the size of the billets. I was assigned to Blackburn's section and found our temporary home was a small barn large enough for about thirty men. I bunked her with Robinson in a squad bunk with Hoover and Kriegbaum just above us. Harry Connor was here with Lawville, Peberdy, Jones, Roberts and several others. This barn where we were billeted had more rats in it than any barn I have ever seen. They would come out every night and promenade around the floor and did squad drill according to Hoover. This was a nightly occurrence as soon as everything was quiet. I slept with my head close to the wall of the barn and four or five of them would run past at great speed playing some game I suppose. I used to feel the draft as the squadron went by. During this week at Waly we were entertained by some American vaudeville people. One of the girls explained that on account of the size of the stage she would have to give us a different act from what she was accustomed to giving in the States, but her effort was very much appreciated by all of us. One afternoon with a heavy rain falling we held services in memory of the members of the Sanitary Train who were killed at the Front. Everybody wore helmets and stood in the rain while Colonel Edie spoke. We were issued new overcoats and other clothing here, and later some Y. M. C. A. supplies were put on sale for about two hours. The supplies were soon exhausted. -69-