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On the 10th of November we received orders to leave Buzancy and by noon all packs had been rolled up, supplies loaded on the trucks and wagons, and we started back toward Baulny, but the ride took us back about twenty miles. We reached our destination, Aubreville, about 2 P. M. It was a town completely in ruins, located on the main line of the railroad. We put up the ward tents in a field and as the weather had become very cold we were glad to go inside. On the way back here in the trucks we received the first intimation that the war was over, but didn't know how true it was at the time. About half way back we passed a company of colored engineers who were repairing the road and they waved to us as we passed and shouted: "Fini la guerre" but we had heard for the past two or three weeks that the war would soon be over and we put it down as another rumor. A little further back we passed a Frenchman who was driving a cart. He waved to us and shouted "fini la guerre". We began to think there might be some truth in it after all but had no confirmation of the fact until we were officially notified by Major Nelson on November 12th. On the night of November 11th we saw that all the army trucks which were moving about on the roads in the vicinity were showing lights for the first time. These were very conspicuous as the night was very dark. About eight o'clock we heard some rifle firing going on in celebration of the event, a short distance up the road. On the following day the weather became bitter cold and a high wind arose. We spent very little time in the mess line but would secure the food in the mess kit and immediately return to the ward tents. About five o'clock on the third day of our stay here a freight -83-