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and put the component parts of the bed together and the French lady was none the wiser. These sleeping rooms usually had an open fire place and firewood was always provided. For about two weeks after arriving at Gland, mess was served out in a court-yard but soon after the kitchen was moved to a wooden barracks where 318 Field Hospital was given one end for a kitchen and 320 Field Hospital, the other. 317 Field Hospital and 319 Field Hospital set up their kitchens at the other end of the town also in a wooden barracks. About a week before Christmas we made preparations for a real Christmas dinner. Alfred Hall and Lieutenant Pyle who could parlez vous, made the rounds of the French farm houses to secure chickens, ducks and geese, and about three days before Christmas the fowls began to arrive. They were all alive. One of the birds was a red rooster of brilliant plummage and he was given the run of the cook's room. In some way the window was opened and in a moment the bird was outside. Summers noticed his escape and notified the whole kitchen force. There is no fun in seeing your Christmas dinner running over