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The company left one morning on a march with gas masks for practice and something happened on this march which brought three of the boys up for a court-martial. Shortly after Christmas Roger Taylor's father arrived. He was on a business trip in Europe and paid our mail orderly a visit. Roger's bunk was on the floor of the big barn with thirty-five others and was quite a contrast to Roger's bunk at home in St. Martin's, which has about four maid servants to take care of it. Mr. Taylor stayed with us for just a day. He ate with the officers. His visit occasioned a little fun directed at our mail orderly. For about one month preceding his father's arrival. Roger had informed every man in the company that "Father is coming," and Roger's reply to almost any question asked him, was a promise contingent on "When father comes." Pretty soon the boys in the company began to address Roger very politely to show their interest in his father's visit. "When is father coming, Roger?" Jimmie Hever would ask. "Is father coming, Roger?" came from Jimmie O'Meara. "Will you lend me ten francs when father comes, Roger?" asked Whitey Hartley. In fact the whole company was asking Roger every day "When is father coming?" At first Taylor took these questions as evidence of a polite interest in his family, but when he heard them about a hundred and sixty-five times a day at the mess table, falling in, going to retreat, making up his bunk, and giving out the mail, he began to see there was some conspiracy on foot and swore a round oath that the next man who asked him "When is father coming?" would receive his mess-kit and all its contents. I saw the mess-kit go flying through the air at Jimmie Hever's head, the first man to feel his wrath. Saturday morning inspection always put some life in the kitchen. -93-