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ing [smoldering] in one of two places. This town had been in German hands only one or two days before and had been in their hands for probably the past four years. We found the building which had been selected for our field hospital. It was a large three story house which had formerly been the residence of well-to-do people. The rear of the house was completely knocked away by the heavy artillery fire, but the front facing on the main street was in good condition. On the second floor was a large walnut table and the furnishings that still remained showed the former residents to have been in affluent circumstances. Before the town was captured by the Americans the building had been in use as a German field hospital, as was evident from the signs which were in German and were placed about on all the walls. They were instructions and regulations for the enlisted men in the German army. We set up our kitchen on the first floor in the rear. The second floor was used as sleeping quarters. On the first night here I was stationed out front to see that no lights were visible from the outside. This part of the house faced the enemy. While I was on guard I heard long columns of artillery passing in the road in front. The night was so dark that I could not see either guns or horses but heard the commands of the drivers as the columns passed. As the street was narrow I kept close to the wall to avoid the passing column. While I was walking the post I saw another figure also on guard, walking post, a short distance away. I asked him his outfit. He replied he was with the 80th Division M. P.'s. Although he was only a few feet away I could not see his features, so dark had the night become. On the day following our arrival twenty-five or thirty French civilians came through, most of them women and girls with one or -81-